Friday, July 18, 2008

El Chirimoyo....In the Beginning

Dawn at El Chirimoyo, overlooking Lake Patzcuaro
Arocutín, Michoacán, Mexico

El Chirimoyo is the realization of a dream.
A home and haven to enjoy for years to come.

A fully furnished casita with a view to welcome independent birders, stargazers, hikers, and naturalists.
Resources about the area, maps, the makings for early morning continental breakfast, packed lunches and guiding services are available.
A birder providing for visiting birders.

Georgia Conti, now of Michoacan, Mexico.
Seattle Audubon Master Birder
Alaska 200 Club Member
Founder of Patzcuaro Birding Club
Mentor/trainer of local bird guides

El Chirimoyo opened in June 2009. 

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Unknown said...

This is a great place run by a great birder in a fine location. I have stayed here early in the inception and added many life birds as well as great cultural experiences thanks to Georgia Conti. I heartily recommend a stay here. The nearby area around Lake Patzcuaro is a treasure trove of craft makers from the hand-made guitars of Paracho to the copper products of Santa Clara del Cobre. There is just an awful lot to see and experience here and no one I would rather do that with than Georgia.