Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Photos of the casita.....

Welcome to El Chirimoyo......

I live in Arocutin, a village on the west side of Lake Patzcuaro at km 12.5 from Patzcuaro.  Arocutin is located between Tocuaro (famous for its wood mask makers), Jaracuaro (famous for its straw hat makers and Los Viejitos dancers), and Erongaricuaro (famous for its cotton fabric weavers, heroine Maria Luisa Martinez, several good eateries, and the Rosenthals' furniture factory). 

Because the village is not on the main road around the lake, many people are unaware of it.  Thank goodness, I say.  With only 150 families, more or less, the community is friendly, close knit, and crime-free.  It's a Purhepecha village. 

Arocutin is relatively untouched by Noche de Muertos commercialization - you won't find plastic coronas on any grave sites.   If you happen to see the 2011 poster for Patzcuaro's Noche de Muertos, you'll recognize Arocutin's church and my friend Don Antonio Reyes Campos, the second oldest man in the village.  During the construction of my house, bones declared to be those of an unknown soldier were found.  "El Senor" is buried in the rear area of the cemetery with a wooden cross noting his service in the 1915 Revolution.  Some of my mother's ashes are also buried in the cemetery. I honor their graves each Noche de Muertos with flowers, candles, and items I can only assume they'd appreciate on this special occasion.  Please visit the cemetery on Noche de Muertos if you are in the area.

I live on the outskirts of the village and have only two neighbors.  My property is high on a hill; thus, I am privileged to an awesome vista of the lake, privacy, tranquility, and night skies.  I have access to Mal Pais, a very special habitat zone encompassing a large area between Arocutin, Uricho and Ajuno (can be found on Google Earth).  Other than my neighbors, I have no vehicular traffic by my house.  During the day, however, I must admit to having villagers pass by on foot or with burros.

The casita is available by day, by week, by month or for longer periods of time. 

The following is a series of photos of the casita and other photos as they relate to the main house and workshop.......

The casita is above a 2-bay garage.  Per agreement, one bay can be made available for use by tenants of the casita. 

        Visitors can have a meal outside while enjoying the view, flora and fauna.

Upon entering the casita is an open living room-dining room-kitchen area.  

View from the entrance showing the open living room and kitchen areas.  Chilly weather is moderated by the gas fireplace.  The skylight and windows provide lots of natural light.

The kitchen is fully furnished, especially for someone who likes to cook and/or bake.   It has new appliances and plenty of dishes, pots/pans, silverware, utensils, decent knives, cutting boards, and storage containers.

The casita has a gas stove with oven, microwave, blender, coffee maker, hot water heater for tea, and convention oven/toaster.

The queen bed is fitted with feather mattress and down comforters. 
Lots of other linens are available, if needed.

       The table, which is a great work station, can be moved to other areas of the casita.

Plenty of storage for personal items. 

Note the vanity with plenty of new towels.

A shower big enough for two individuals with on-demand hot water.  You'll have to see the custom-made ceramic tiles in person to appreciate the detail.  Featured are seven endemic birds and three endemic butterflies found in Michoacan.

The walkway to the casita showing stairs to our workshop (in red).  The patio of the main house is above the workshop.


This is the main house, perched above with more than a 180 degree view of the
lake and surrounding area.

Here are some views from the main house.  This patio is available for use by tenants of the casita.  This looks to the north.

View looking west.  Erongaricuaro is hidden behind the tree.

If you squinch just right, your eyes will focus on the German restaurant Campestre Aleman.

Clothes washer and dryer are available at the main house.  Also available is a 2-person soaker tub - no jacuzzi jets...nice and quiet....where you can enjoy the day or starry night sky.  Maid service can be made available per agreement.  

Internet and use of Voice Over Internet Phone are included.  Sorry, there's no television service in my house as of yet.  

Friday, July 18, 2008

El Chirimoyo....In the Beginning

Dawn at El Chirimoyo, overlooking Lake Patzcuaro
Arocutín, Michoacán, Mexico

El Chirimoyo is the realization of a dream.
A home and haven to enjoy for years to come.

A fully furnished casita with a view to welcome independent birders, stargazers, hikers, and naturalists.
Resources about the area, maps, the makings for early morning continental breakfast, packed lunches and guiding services are available.
A birder providing for visiting birders.

Georgia Conti, now of Michoacan, Mexico.
Seattle Audubon Master Birder
Alaska 200 Club Member
Founder of Patzcuaro Birding Club
Mentor/trainer of local bird guides

El Chirimoyo opened in June 2009.